The Bull City’s Music Scene:  It Will Move You

Anyone who lives in Durham can feel it:  the Bull City is special.  Our cultural heritage is a rich stew steeped in tobacco, jazz, blues, arts, food, activism,  and entrepreneurial zest.  All these ingredients intersect, mix and mingle, giving Durham a distinct flavor and one of the most compelling and eclectic music scenes in the nation.


At Durham Entertainment Group, we want to share the joy and connection of Durham’s dynamic music scene.  Our deep musical heritage fuses a wide-range of genres and hip new performance venues.  World-class performers, local talent and everything in between make Durham a unique and high-powered hotspot.


Durham Entertainment Group offers:


  • the opportunity to share the joy and passion of music in a live and engaging atmosphere
  • promotion and hosting of live music in and around the city of Durham
  • development of a live music fan base
  • social media marketing of music events
  • Durham on Fire, our online forum where music fans connect on Durham’s musical heritage and share thoughts on music related events in Durham
  • online management of ticket sales